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Energy Efficient Steel Entry Doors

Classic Series

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Introducing The Bristol Door

The "Ultimate Entry Door"

Classic Series

Find a wide selection of Energy Efficient Steel Entry Doors in Ohio. Our Classic Series features Textured Oak Grain with Stamped Embossments.



  • Half-Lite Glass or No Glass
  • Clear Half-Inch Dual Glass
  • Low-E Glass that Insulates and Reflects Heat
  • Mini-Blinds between panes allows total privacy or full-view. Easy to operate.
  • Multiple Glass Configurations to choose from
 Bristol Steel Entry Door Classic Series Blue with White Trim  Steel Replacement Entry Door, White, Bristol Classic Series  Bristol Steel Entry Doors, Double Doors, Classic Series, White, Blue Tinted Glass

 Bristol Steel Entry Door, Creme with White Trim, Classic Series  

Standard Features

  • Made From Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Embossments Stamped into Textured Oak-Grain
  • Can be Painted or Stained
  • Two Grids, Inside and Outside
  • Superb Polyurethane Insulation and Weather Barriers
  • Built-In Security
Bristol Outstanding Door Features Winchester Steel Replacement Doors Highlights Door Hinges

Door Hardware

Choices include standard doorknobs with deadbolts or a more elegant look with decorator style thumb latches.

Add a peepsite, mailslot and/or a kickplate.

Door Hardware Series Door Hardware Bristol Core Bristol Bronze Door Handle
Bristol Silver Door Handle SCHLAGE Lifetime Door Warranty

Paints and Stains

  • Fifteen Available Colors
  • Can Mix and Match Colors

At the Bristol factory, our experts apply finishes that are top industrial grade. They start with an electrostatic bonding process unique to Bristol doors. The steel is bonded on both surfaces. This allows the adherence of primers and multiple coatings of specially formulated stains and paints. You'll be impressed with the beautiful, long-lasting look of all our Bristol Doors.

Bristol's 3-part stains and paints are exclusively formulated with:

1. High-Resistance Agents: Prevents chips and scratching
2. Low-gloss Protection: Provides a long-lasting sheen
3. Sunscreen Additives: Protection against harmful ultraviolet rays  

 Door Colors  Door Color Example


Bristol's Heavy-Duty Doors make it as difficult as possible for a would-be intruder to break into your fortress of solitude. Here's why:

  • Doors are heavily textured with 24-Gauge Steel.
  • Angled edges are made from Precision-Finished Steel on all 4 sides.
  • The Oak-Grain Process increases the strength of the door to the equivalent of 20 to 22 Gauge.
  • Painted Frame is 18-Gauge Steel, with an "L" angle

Hinge Features

  • Made of 13-Gauge Yellow Chromate Steel
  • Won't Rust
  • Reinforced with 12-Gauge Steel Plates
  • Welded to both the steel door and the steel frame
  • Interlocking
  • Non-removable

Lock _ Deadbolt Features

  • Steel 5-Pin Tumbler Lock and Deadbolt are Standard
  • Heavy-Duty Locks
  • One Inch Lock
  • Hardened Steel Pin - Difficult to Saw or Jimmy
  • Unique Security and Thermal Lock Preparation

Lens Viewer

  • Extra-Wide Angle View

Below you'll see test results that demonstrate the performance of these heavy-duty steel doors. An 18-Gauge Bristol Steel Door is 9 times stronger than a typical wooden door. Most would-be intruders won't go to the trouble to try and break through this door.


 Strikes Required to Open Locked Door: Testing Proves the Strength of Steel  Front Door Picture

Glass Warranty

  • Glass and workmanship is warranted for fifty years.
  • There is also a 3 year warranty against glass breakage.
 Bristol Fifty Year (50) Door Warranty  Happy Satisfied Bristol Customers

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