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Double Hung Windows

Bristol Windows Logo

Introducing The Bristol Window

The "Ultimate Double Hung Windows"

Double Hung Windows from Bristol offer the Ultimate in Energy-Efficiency and Value, with a wide selection of Double Hung Windows.

About Bristol Double Hung Windows

Superior structural integrity and quality craftsmanship allows Bristol to define performance and protection with "Gold Medal Distinction"! The most popular of all our window styles, Bristol's double hung units with their many options will add distinct style, beauty, character, and value to your home.

Available from a single unit configuration to multiple mulled units, these dual tilt-in sash units are super easy to clean from the inside.  No more ladders and dangerous outside cleaning.

Bristol's precision engineered innovation begins with a PVC virgin vinyl mainframe and includes the addtion of sub frame reinforcement.  Products are available with a choice of frame construction.  Either reinforced with aluminum and HDR or all HDR.  This eliminates painting, scraping, warping and year round maintenance headaches while providing a structure that will maintain stability and thermal performance for a lifetime.

Specifically designed adjustable alignment clips and sill extension allow for easy installation in any opening. Double fusion welded sash corners and reinforced sash frames provides the right combination to increase thermal and structural stability. All operating hardware and handles are secured into the vinyl and our proprietary composite HDR (High Definition Reinforcement) Bar to provide optimum anchoring and retention. Exclusive windjammer seal virtually eliminates drafts from entering around the sash.

Bristol's Q-IV deadbolt locking system is truly at the top of the list of unique features. Our patented design builds in a security level that you can trust. Your safety is as important as saving energy.

Bristol Standard Double Hung Features:

  • PVC Virgin Vinyl multi-cavity main frame
  • Reinforced sub frame of HDR (High Definition Reinforcement) Bar or
  • Reinforced sub frame of HDR and thermally broken aluminum
  • Mechanically joined mainframe
  • Sash frames are reinforced with a proprietary composite HDR Bar
  • Adjustable 80lb. pressure alignment clips on both jamb sides
  • 7 degree 5-Air Barrier sloped sill incorporates a unique weep hole system
  • Double fusion welded sash frames
  • Exclusive windjammer flexible weather seal
  • Snap-in interior glazing
  • Patented Q-IV 4-Point Steel Deadbolt Locking System

Double Hung Home Windows Double Hung Windows in Ohio Double Hung Inside View With Grids Double Hung Windows Ouside White Replacement Double Hung Double Hung Cut View Double Hung Windows Cut View

Double Hung Style Configurations

Windows are available in many different configurations from 1 lite to multiple lites of windows that can be factory mulled or mulled together during installation in the home.

Double Hung Security 

Bristol's patented Q-IV security locking system provides maximum safety levels without purchasing a costly security system.

Windows that include a "Quattro IV Security System", are designed to deter residential forced entries/burglaries through properly locked windows and doors by increasing the difficulty level of entry. From the exterior the Q-IV locking handle is not visible and therefore not operable.

The Q-IV systems, as any other system on the market, cannot ever make a residence 100% forced entry/burglary-proof. Proper use of a Q-IV Security System should discourage attempts of forced entries/burglaries. Windows with Q-IV systems offer an exclusive 50-year security guarantee.

An additional ventilation lock with a steel concealed spring provides a sense of security while allowing ventilation into the room. 

Double Hung Insulating Glass

Bristol's character is centered on a super insulating glass system that has one primary goal; To save you money, energy and time! The only way to guarantee you energy savings for a lifetime is to build an insulating system that accentuates a uniquely designed frame.

Recognizing that glass itself cannot provide the energy efficiency needed to meet the above standards Bristol's Super Triple-E glass includes all of the following:

  • 3 pieces of Top Quality American-Made Precision Float Glass
  • Two air spaces with an overall 1" insulating space.
  • 2 Soft Coat Low-E Layers -- atomically thin metallic particles that provide the optimum in heat reflective performance while retarding ultraviolet rays.
  • BR50 Thermoplastic Spacer System -- Continuous nonmetallic spacer creates an unbreakable bond
  • ALPHA-10 Insulating Gas -- A special mixture of safe, nontoxic, nonflammable inert gases fills both air spaces to create the ultimate in barriers against unwanted energy loss, condensation and noise. Availability ranges from double glass clear to the most popular and most energy efficient Super Triple E with dual Low-E glass side and dual Alpha-10 gas filled chambers.
This Diagram Shows How Bristol Triple Pane Windows Help Keep Your Home's Room Temperature Comfortable All Year Long Three Panes of Glass and a Reinforced Vinyl Frame work together to keep your home's temperature comfortable all year round Super Triple E Alpha 10 Means the Ultimate in Energy Efficiency
These Big Windows are also very energy efficient Three Panes of Glass makes these windows extremely energy efficient Double Hung Home with Grids

Double Hung Window Colors

Warm vinyl colors provide a comfortable blend to any decor. Never needs painting. Won't chip or peel. Vinyl colors are through and through.

  • Exterior Colors: White, Beige or Brown
  • Interior Colors: White, Beige, Brown or Woodgrain
  • Combinations Exterior/Interior: White/Woodgrain, Beige/Woodgrain, Brown/Woodgrain
  • Exterior Solar Reflective Finish (SRF) adds 16 warm exterior colors to pick from

Bristol Window Frames Come in Woodgrain, Beige, Brown, and White Woodgrain Window Windows Colors
Beige Windows Front View Brown Window Frames, Exterior View White Windows, Exterior View

Double Hung Art Glass

The elegance of Bristol's Art Glass enlightens Bristol's Ultimate Replacement Windows with additional style, beauty and charm. State-of-the-art manufacturing makes this distinctive look available at very affordable costs.

This unigue feature adds an account of a fine architecture! It is designed to complement your home's beauty with a definite distinction. Two diffeerent patterns include the choice of center sides and top etched with frosted patterns and corners beveled, or corners with beveling and frosted pattern.

Care Free Beauty - No additional cleaning ever required because materials are between two panes of glass.

Internal Art Glass A2 Internal Art Glass A3
Double Hung Art Glass Art Glass for Double Hung

Double Hung Internal Grids

Choose from over 50 standard rectangular, diamond or hub grid patterns. Grids are available in white, beige, brown woodgrain and gold colors. Hub grids can have etched corners that give the look of a real circle top configuration.

Internal grids compliment your homes design and you never have the hassle and inconvenience of cleaning in between grid panes.

Internal Grid Pattern, Diagram for Arched Windows Internal Grid Pattern for Diamond Grid Patterns, Bristol Double Hung Windows, Ohio Internal Grid Patterns, Colonial Grids, Rectangular, Bristol Replacement Windows
Double Hung Grid Sample Double Hung Box Grid Double Hung Diamond Grids

Double Hung Decorative Glass

Choose from many decorative glass patterns and styles that include everything from etched or beveled to stained and leaded patterns. Patterns are on exposed inside surface of glass.

Add your very own personal touch by submitting your own artwork to be transformed onto your glass. Obscure glass is available for locations where you want to let filtered light in while blocking the view from outsiders.

Etched Glass sample for Double Hung Sample Double Hung Etched Glass Glass Design for Hung Windows
Sample etching for windows Double hung Etch Sample Double Hung Window Art
Double Hung Stained and Leaded Windows

Double Hung Window Warranty

A 50-year transferable warranty means homeowner protection for the original owner and for new owners in the event of selling your home. This feature adds value to your investment and your home. Recent studies prove that a major home remodeling project can recoup as much as 92% in value upon selling.

Bristol windows carry a 50-year transferable warranty for your protection. If, for any reason, our insulating glass should fail it is warranted and will be replaced. Our three-year glass breakage pledge protects you from accidents beyond your control. Dealerships warrant their craftsmanship in installation.

 Bristol Fifty Year Warranty  Happy Homeowners with Double Hung Windows

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