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Ohio Roofing Contractors

Find Roof Specialists with years of experience in all types of Roofing. Get free expert advice on Insurance Claims.


Roof Contractors in Ohio

Get the Best Quote on your next roofing project, along with free professional consultation on your homeowner's insurance claim. We connect homeowners with reputable roofing contractors in Ohio.

Get All The Facts Before You Buy Your Next Roof

Before making an insurance claim on replacing a roof, why not take advantage of Heart Land's free consultation service? We'll help you get the most money back on an insurance claim.

Delaying Can Cost You Serious Money

If your roof has experienced any type of wind or hail damage, putting off repairs or replacements could wind up costing you serious money. The longer you put things off, the less money you'll receive from your insurance adjuster when you try to make your claim.

Perhaps you're not certain if your roof has damage or not. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Don't automatically assume that just because your roof isn't leaking yet or you don't see any missing shingles that everything is fine and dandy. Things can deteriorate rapidly, especially after a storm like those we've already experienced here in Ohio.

Remember, the time for you to file a claim after a storm is very limited. And the longer you wait, the less money you'll receive from your insurance company. Even then, you'll need a roofing expert to help you negotiate with your insurance adjuster.

Heart Land: Not Just A Roofing Contractor

Heart Land Construction isn't just a roofing contractor. They are also Claims Specialists with former licensed insurance adjusters on staff who will guide you through the complex claims process. Heart Land uses the same software as most of the insurance companies to estimate your insurance claims. That means that Heart Land already knows their pricing and how much money you are entitled to. This way, you don't have to worry about haggling. We do the price negotiations for you.

Discover The Heart Land Difference

The first place you'll discover a difference is when you work with your own Personal Representative on your insurance settlement. All Heart Land representatives are highly trained professionals when it comes to negotiating on insurance claims because they are licensed adjusters. Have complete confidence that your next roofing project is headed in the right direction.

Some companies charge for this service. Heart Land gives free roof inspections because we want to earn your future roofing business.

Numerous Heart Land clients had no idea that roof damage existed prior to meeting with one of our representatives. During our inspection, we include snapshots of any visible roof damage. This makes many of our clients feel better informed by seeing the damage for themselves.

Your assigned Heart Land representative will personally prepare for you an itemized Loss Statement detailing damages. They will compare the damages with your insurance company's criteria for replacing your roof. Your representative will even meet with your insurance adjuster to explain and show the damages on your behalf at no charge to you! It's an easy way to have the peace of mind that you are getting what you deserve.

Remember: You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer. So why deal with an insurance company without having someone there who is qualified to represent you and provide expert guidance?

What to Expect during your Free In-Home Consultation

Your representative will:

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Our free service connects Ohio homeowners with installers who provide free estimates on Roofs.

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We are very pleased with our new roof and the crew that put the roof on. They acted in a very honest and professional manner. They left everything all cleaned up. They even replaced some plywood they found to be bad.

Joel followed the job through to make sure we were taken care.

The crew took pains to protect my wife's flowers. She has put many long hours to get them to the beautiful place they are today. That tells us the company cares about its customers. We would recommend Heart Land Construction to any homeowner.

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Grove City, Ohio


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