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Franklin County Windows

Replacement Windows

Franklin County Ohio

We provide free in-home consultation to Franklin County homeowners considering window replacement.

Searching for the Best?

Searching for the best replacement windows in Franklin County Ohio and getting the best value on those replacement windows can be like solving the Rubric Cube. With hundreds of window companies in the Columbus Ohio area offering thousands of choices, how in blazes is a prudent homeowner who is considering replacing windows supposed to make a wise decision?

Heart Land Construction to the Rescue!

Heart Land Construction, a local Columbus replacement windows company, believes that an informed decision is always the best decision. Not only does Heart Land sell reinforced vinyl replacement windows… they sell the best replacement windows at the best prices. The problem is, everyone else makes the exact same claim. So who should you believe and why?

Three Things to Look for in a Window

We believe there are three things a homeowner should look for in a replacement window:

1. Energy Efficiency
2. Longevity
3. Cost

Energy Efficiency: "Will the Best Energy Efficient

Window Please Stand Up"

I read an advertisement recently from the world's largest window company claiming to sell a vinyl energy efficient window for $189… installed. Sounds like a spectacular deal. In fact, if it really were as great of a deal as it sounds, then I would wholeheartedly recommend that everybody buy those windows. Heart Land Construction, however, does not believe this is a good deal. Here's why:
The word "energy efficient" is a relative term. Any window can say they are energy efficient… compared to a hole in the wall! Nowadays, almost every window on the market claims they are energy efficient. But there is a huge difference in energy efficiency between the best energy efficient windows and windows that go for $189 installed.

Buyer Beware

Wouldn't it be great if a homeowner could know for absolute certainty exactly how energy efficient a window is before they buy? Well, they can.

This window that sells for $189 is, relatively speaking, extremely energy deficient when compared to some of the better energy efficient windows available. And you don't have to take my word for it. Simply go to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) website. The NFRC is a non-profit organization that administers the only uniform, independent rating and labeling system for the energy performance of windows. The exact energy efficiency of almost any window has been accurately measured and officially certified. It can be checked out at their site.Here’s what you’ll see if you check out this window that sells for $189 installed:









Notice the second column that says U-factor. You'll notice that all three of these windows have a U-factor of .30. In order for a window to receive an energy tax credit and receive the Energy Star label, it must have a U-Factor equal to or less than 0.30 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) equal to or less than 0.30. So this window barely squeaks in by meeting the minimal requirements.

Now notice what you'll see if you check out the U-factors of three of the windows that Heart Land sells:









Here you'll notice U-factors of .20 and .19. Simply put, there is a substantial difference in energy efficiency.

Longevity: How Long Will a Window Last?

The next consideration is, "How Long Will a Window Last?" Heart Land windows are built to last and come with a 50 Year Transferable Warranty. Although other companies offer so-called lifetime warranties, usually that refers to the lifetime of the product, not the lifetime of the homeowner. If you buy a window for $189 installed, you are lucky if it lasts 10 years.

Count the Cost

The cost of a window is not the same as the price of a window. The company that sells windows for $189 has a much better price than the windows that Heart Land sells. But the cost of a Heart Land window is significantly better. What do I mean?

When you consider the amount of money that you can save with a Heart Land window verses a cheap window, and then consider the fact that it will last many times longer, it will usually cost a homeowner considerably more money over a fifty year period to go with the cheaper window.

Our Guarantee of Satisfaction

But don't take our word for it. We back our claims with a written guarantee of assurance, which reads as follows:

If within 30 days of your signed contract date and prior to installation you find any replacement window that has All the Bristol features at a lower price, we will refund you the difference, plus an additional $100 for your inconvenience.

Free In-Home Consultation: What to Expect

Enjoy an Informative, No-pressure Shopping Experience in the Comfort of your Own Home. Your Representative Will:

Franklin County, Ohio

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The Ultimate Replacement Window For Franklin County

Franklin County Windows

Our free service connects Franklin County homeowners with reputable window installers who provide free estimates on replacement windows.

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Franklin County Seal

Franklin County Seal


Franklin County

Location in State

Franklin County is located near the center of Ohio

Franklin County

Location in United States

Franklin County is located in northeastern Ohio

Interesting Facts About Franklin County Ohio

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Franklin County was estimated at 1,150,122 in 2009, making it the second largest county in Ohio after Cuyahoga County. Its population ranks 34th in the USA. Columbus, located in the middle of Franklin County, is both the county seat and state capital. Columbus is Ohio's largest city and the 15th largest city in the US.

Franklin County was named after Benjamin Franklin. Franklin County was first established in 1803 on April 30, 1803. This was less than 2 months after Ohio became a state. Originally, it extended north to Lake Erie. Ohio later subdivided into additional counties.

The Ohio State University, located in Columbus, is the largest university in the USA, with an annual enrollment of over 50 thousand students. Columbus has been a centerpiece for political campaigns, most notably the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, as well as the midterm elections of 2006. Besides Columbus, other cities located in Franklin County include: Bexley, Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview Heights, Grove City, Hilliard, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Whitehall, and Worthington.




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