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Why Bristol Is The Ultimate

Replacement Window

When the energy experts from Today's Environment went looking for a replacement window known for energy-efficiency to feature on their TV program, they had hundreds to choose from. Discover why The Discovery Channel featured Bristol as their window of choice.

Home Windows Overview

Choosing windows for your home and finding the right windows installer is not rocket science. It only seems like it.

Choosing windows for your home and finding the right windows installer is not rocket science. It only seems like it.


Why Window Selection Seems Like Rocket Science

Type “replacement window,” “new windows,” “replacement windows,” “windows replacement”, or even ”best windows” into your computer browser; you’ll get millions of search results with everyone and their monkey’s uncle giving you a slick sales pitch, trying to persuade you that their windows beat the competition and are the best thing since sliced bread. Folks, window replacement was never meant to be this confusing.

replacement windows by Bristol Bristol Windows may look like most other windows, but when you look closer, there is a huge difference.

Even if you narrow your search to “buy windows Columbus Ohio”, “buy windows Lima Ohio”, or some other specific geographical location, you’ll still get hundreds, maybe even thousands, of results. Buying glass windows, whether vinyl windows, wood windows, or fiberglass windows, can be overwhelming. What is a prudent discerning homeowner to do?

Energy Efficiency Is Important, But...

Some homeowners begin their window replace search by considering the energy tax credits Uncle Sam offers. Replace window, collect energy tax credit, and… Voila! No fuss, no muss. Of course, many projects do qualify for that, regardless of whether you’re searching for bay windows, a vinyl window, or just about any kind of window installation. But not all replacement windows are built to last. And some new energy-efficient windows are more energy-efficient than others.

Not all windows that qualify for Uncle Sam's tax credit are equally energy efficient.

The Price Of Windows Is Important, But...

Others only consider what windows cost; the cheaper, the better. A windows installer service that offers to replace windows really, really cheap will always have a market, especially in a tough economy. But cheap is usually not good and good is usually not cheap.

Cheap Windows are Usually not a Better Value. You Get What You Pay for.

So if you’re looking to buy windows, and if you’re looking for the right windows installer in Columbus, Lima, Franklin County, Auglaize County, or any part of Ohio for that matter, here are a few important things you need to consider before making that next big purchasing decision. All replacement windows are NOT created equal. So what’s the difference?

In Search Of The "Ultimate" Replacement Window

Like this togh guy, Bristol Windows are Stronger and Last Longer

For a long time, our company sold one of the best windows on the market. Superior quality and service has always been important to us. The problem is, many of our competitors sold the same exact window or a similar window. We were searching high and low for a competitive edge. We sought, and, by golly, we found. After doing our due diligence, we are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive distributor in Ohio of what thousands of happy customers refer to as “the ultimate replacement window.” It’s high-tech, long-lasting, super energy-efficient, and manufactured by a company called Winchester Industries. Winchester Industries is located in a small town called Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburg. It’s called The Bristol Window, a.k.a. “The Ultimate Replacement Window.”

Bristol Who?

Now you may be asking, “If Bristol Windows really are so wonderful, why haven’t I heard of them?” That’s a good question. I have a good answer.

If you live in the Lima area, perhaps you’ve heard of a company called Sash and Storm. Most people loved that company and loved the windows they sold. I know because I’ve had the privilege of talking personally to many of those happy customers. I never had this experience with my previous window company. When Sash and Storm went out of business, we were selected to take over from them. We are proud to announce that we are now the distributor of Bristol Windows and doors here in Ohio. There are plenty of happy, satisfied Bristol customers in Lima and the surrounding areas who bought their windows through Sash and Storm. However, very few homeowners in the rest of Ohio are familiar with Bristol Windows. That’s because, until recently, there were no Bristol Window distributors available in most of Ohio. Well now there is.

Winchester Industries, the makers of Bristol windows, has been in business since 1983. Our parent company, ATG Construction, has been serving central Ohio for over 10 years. In May, 2009, ATG Construction merged with Heart Land USA and formed Heart Land Construction. It is our vision to share the high-quality workmanship of ATG with all of Ohio. Heart Land Construction is fully dedicated to giving our customers three things:

  1. The best possible product
  2. The best possible prices
  3. The best possible service

But let’s be honest, folks. The economy has not been booming the past year and a half. Most Ohio homeowners are not familiar with either Heart Land Construction or Bristol Windows. We do not have a huge advertising budget like most of our competition. We depend mostly on word-of-mouth advertising from our happy, satisfied customers. However, a few years ago, the Bristol Window was featured on The Discovery Channel. When a nationally televised program about environmental conservation went looking for a window noted for fuel savings, they had hundreds to choose from. This video gives a close look at the superior energy efficiency that so impressed the experts at "Today's Environment."

So rather than hiring actors and spending thousands of dollars on expensive commercials, catchy jingles, and slick sales pitches, we are using a refreshing new approach. Here is what we are doing now to promote The Bristol Window:

Why Bristol Beats The Competition

Bristol Beats the Competition by a Knockout

So what makes Bristol Windows so much better than the competition? There are many things, but here are the top Five Reasons Why Our Windows are the BEST REPLACEMENT WINDOWS IN OHIO:

  1. SUPERIOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Some of the best thermal numbers in the industry
  2. SUPERIOR TRIPLE PANE GLASS: Multiple Soft Coat Heat Reflective PPG Low-E
  3. SUPERIOR SECURITY SYSTEM: 50-Year Security Guarantee, Patented Steel Dead Bolt Locking System
  4. SUPERIOR FRAME DESIGN: Exclusive Reinforced Vinyl Frame Design
  5. SUPERIOR WARRANTY: 50-Year Transferable Non Prorated Warranty 

We are proud to recommend the Bristol Window as “The Ultimate Replacement Window in Ohio.” Heart Land Construction is proud to be selected as the sole distributor of Bristol Windows and Doors for the state of Ohio.

Bristol Replacement Windows Beat the Competition



Bristol windows come in a wide variety of styles. Click on a style below for pictures and details.

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